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Pricing Tiers and Feature Flags

· 4 min read
Stanley Phu
Senior Software Engineer @ Warrant

Today, we're excited to launch support for Pricing Tiers and Feature Flags!

While our core platform has always supported the ability to implement custom pricing tiers and feature flags, it required a lot of upfront work for teams to implement. We strongly believe these are common problems encountered at every software company so we built native support for pricing tiers and feature flags into Warrant.

What is it?

Pricing Tiers

Figuring out how to price your SaaS product is a complex enough problem by itself, often requiring several iterations of experimentation to determine. Tiered pricing (or pricing tiers) is a common pattern for SaaS startups to charge customers for their product today. In this approach, a company grants customers access to premium and enterprise level features only if the customer is subscribed to a paid or enterprise plan. This strategy comes with its own set of challenges: What should I include in my free tier? How much should I charge for a pro/premium tier? What features should be considered enterprise features? With Warrant's built-in support for pricing tiers, you can easily limit access to premium features in your product based on each customer's subscription, giving you the flexibility to control which features are available in a pricing tier and match changing customer personas. You also have the ability to grant/revoke access to individual features per user or customer for one-off scenarios.

Feature Flags

Software teams looking to iterate quickly and frequently release functionality with reduced risk typically make abundant use of feature flags. Warrant now has built-in support for feature flags, so teams can incrementally release features individually to customers. Common uses for feature flags might be enabling a beta feature for certain users or rolling out a feature only to specific customer segments. When bugs arise, feature flags can be useful for quickly disabling a faulty feature, allowing teams to avoid performing a complete deployment rollback or scrambling to release a fix.

Who is it for?

Pricing Tiers

Pricing Tiers are built for anyone offering their SaaS application via a tiered pricing model. Warrant helps enforce access to your application's features according to your pricing tiers. A typical model might have a few tiers like free, pro, and enterprise, with each subsequent tier including the features of the previous tier in addition to features specific to that tier.

Feature Flags

Feature Flags can be used by most software teams for a variety of use cases, the primary use case being gating feature access at runtime. Other common use cases for feature flags include A/B testing, canary releases, and implementing fallback logic.

How can I use it?

Pricing Tiers

Get started with pricing tiers by going through our onboarding guide or to the Pricing Tiers section on the Dashboard. From there, you can view and manage all of your pricing tiers. You can also view an existing pricing tier to assign features to it, view which users or tenants have access to it, and even imply other pricing tiers.

Implied pricing tiers reduce feature duplication across tiers by allowing you to imply other tiers when a user or tenant is assigned to a pricing tier. For example, you can have the pro pricing tier imply the free pricing tier. This means that anyone assigned to the pro pricing tier will have all features of the pro tier as well as free tier, without having to re-assign all the free features to the pro tier.

Feature Flags

Get started with feature flags by going through our onboarding guide or to the Feature Flagging section on the Dashboard. From there, you can view and manage all your features. You can view an existing feature to enable or disable it for your users and tenants.

What's next?

Join us on Slack to give us your feedback as we continue to build out pricing tiers and feature flags, and keep up with the latest on Warrant!

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