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Warrant Changelog - February 2023

· 2 min read
Aditya Kajla
Co-Founder @ Warrant

Here's our product update for February:

Login with Google & GitHub

By popular demand, Warrant now supports login with Google & GitHub! New users can simply click on the 'Continue with Google' or 'Continue with GitHub' buttons to create their Warrant accounts.

Existing users can also login with Google & GitHub provided that the email address associated with Google and GitHub is the same as the one they used to register with Warrant.

Login with Google and GitHub

Self-Service Fine Grained Access Control

We're excited to share that the Warrant self-service dashboard now supports fine grained access control! Previously, users could only edit and manage role assignments through the self-service dashboard.

Now, users have the ability to directly assign and remove 'user relations' to/from custom objects. For example, if you have an object type defining a 'document', the self-service dashboard now allows admins to assign 'editors' and 'viewers' directly to a specific 'document'. You can read more about self-service fine grained access control (including guides for common scenarios) here.

Self-Service Dashboard

Major updates to Go SDK

In line with the major updates made to the Java, Ruby, Python and Node SDKs, we've updated the Go SDK and added support for:

  • All RBAC operations including role, permission, user assignment, removal and authz checks
  • Pricing tiers (CRUD operations and authz checks)
  • Features (CRUD operations and authz checks)
  • First-class types for Warrant objects and subjects to make creating, deleting and checking warrants easier and safer
  • Middleware functions to enable easy authz checks within API servers