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Warrant Changelog - October 2022

· One min read
Aditya Kajla
Co-Founder @ Warrant

Dashboard Updates

Lots of usability enhancements within the dashboard this month including:

  • Search for users by userId or name on the Users page
  • View all of a user's assigned tenants on the Users page
  • A new UI to manage teammates on the Account page


RBAC Names & Descriptions

Roles and Permissions now include name and description fields in the API and dashboard for added convenience and readability. Both fields are optional and null by default but can be set on existing or new roles and permissions. For example:

"roleId": "admin-1",
"name": "Admin",
"description": "Users with elevated privileges"


Introducing the official PHP SDK 🎉 Similar to our other back-end SDKs (ex. Go, Java), the PHP SDK ships with methods to set up and manage RBAC and fine-grained authz.