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Warrant is Now Open Source!

· 3 min read
Karan Kajla
Co-founder @ Warrant
Aditya Kajla
Co-founder @ Warrant

Today, we're excited to announce that Warrant is officially open source! Check out the repo here.

A quick recap

We started Warrant in June 2021 with the goal of bringing enterprise-grade access control to all applications. Warrant began as a simple API which developers could integrate into their apps in order to implement and manage role based access control (RBAC). Over time, with feedback from customers, we've iterated considerably on the core platform, evolving it into a complete access control system that supports everything from RBAC to more modern access control paradigms like fine grained access control (FGAC), attribute based access control (ABAC) and relationship based access control (ReBAC).

Our cloud-first and API-first approach has enabled us to build a system that is highly-scalable and performant, to the tune of millions of customer API calls per month. As we look ahead, we want to establish a better community and better practices around application access control, and believe that making Warrant open source is the best path forward.

Why open source?

Trust is at the heart of every customer decision, especially with security platforms like Warrant. Access control is mission critical infrastructure, often deeply integrated within the application and within the business's operations. We recognize that choosing to use Warrant requires a great deal of trust in how we operate, as well as adhering to strict compliance requirements. For both, there's no better way to give customers confidence in Warrant than by giving them access to the underlying source code.

Additionally, as engineers ourselves, we understand the value of establishing best practices and community around something as sensitive and important as access control. Although the core concepts of access control have existed for decades, it remains hard to find up-to-date standards and best practices for common problems that companies are facing today. It's mostly conversations with engineering and product teams (including customers) that have helped us shape our roadmap and add intuitive features like pricing tiers. We want to build a community around interactions just like that and believe that open source will enable more folks to directly contribute.

Warrant Cloud vs. OSS

Warrant Cloud still remains the simplest, most reliable, and most scalable way to use Warrant. It's built using the same code we're open sourcing today and processes millions of API requests per month, powering mission critical access control for seed to Series A startups and beyond.

In addition to the scalability and convenience of a fully-managed service, Warrant Cloud includes the admin and end-user facing dashboards, multiple accounts/teams, Single Sign On (SSO), multiple developer environments, and more.

Warrant OSS is a free to use authorization service (based on Google Zanzibar), that can be self-deployed and is compatible with Warrant Cloud's APIs and SDKs.

Join the community

We invite everyone to join the Warrant Slack community and star the Warrant repository on GitHub.

As you explore the repo and try out the project, we look forward to seeing your issues & feature requests as well as your PRs and contributions!

Happy building everyone. See you online! ​